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Repairing Your Tooth With A Dental Crown

If you experience an injury to one of your teeth, repairing it promptly can help you prevent the damage from compounding. Any event that breaks the outer seal of the enamel of your tooth exposes its insides to oral bacteria in your mouth. You could also expose sensitive nerves that cause distracting pain throughout your day or when you sit to eat. To prevent bacteria from causing cavities or infections, we could evaluate your injury and design a restoration to return the protection of a closed outer layer. While you may see minor damage as simply cosmetic, these problems can get out of hand when not seen by a professional. If we see that your injury is too large to treat with a simple filling, we could design a dental crown that seals your tooth completely above the gumline. Your new dental cap can withhold the strength of your bite and prevent further cracking or chipping.

At your Ankeny, IA dental practice, we provide services to both prevent and treat damage to your smile. While routine checkups can prevent decay from progressing to the point of needing a significant repair, we can provide more involved treatment whenever called for. By learning about the strength of these options, you can regain confidence in your smile after repairing your injury.

When Tooth Decay Breaks Down Your Enamel

When a tooth is healthy, its enamel protects the sensitive inner portion from the force of your bite and bacteria that live inside your mouth. By regularly cleaning your teeth to remove plaque that forms on the surface, you can keep this layer strong. But when your oral hygiene wains, bacteria feed on remnants of food left behind and create an acidic waste product that breaks down the enamel. Eventually a hole, or cavity, forms and continues to grow until treated. By visiting the dentist regularly, we both remove plaque that you cannot handle on your own and provide dental fillings when we detect cavities early.

The Strength Of Your Dental Crown

If your injury is beyond the scope of repair with a filling, we will design a dental crown to restore the shape and function of your tooth. Modern materials allow us to shade the composite resin of your new cap to match the current color of your smile. After treatment, your repair should look as natural as before! To take care of your tooth moving forward, maintain a rigorous daily hygiene schedule and attend your cleanings and exams regularly.

Talk To Your Ankeny, IA Dentist About Restoring Your Tooth

A dental crown can repair your tooth after significant trauma, decay, or infection. If you would like to learn more about this procedure, please contact your Ankeny, IA dentist’s office at (515) 965-0230 to schedule a visit.