Ankeny, IA, Dental Bridge

Restoring Your Smile With A Dental Bridge

Living with a missing tooth comes with a set of differing challenges. Not only is the effect on your appearance apparent, but problems with the function of your bite begin as soon as the tooth comes out. Without a replacement, your remaining teeth can begin to drift toward the open gap, causing significant problems with the alignment of your bite. You may have to avoid certain favorite foods that now risk harming the sensitive area of your mouth. Because we use our teeth to articulate speech, you can find your voice quickly sounding different. Jaw muscles become sore as you awkwardly move into strange positions to attempt to complete your bite. The additional misalignment increases your risk for tooth decay and gum disease, which threatens even more lost teeth. Fortunately, when you suffer from this condition, we can discuss prosthetic methods to restore your bite. By placing a bridge connected to teeth on either side of your gap, we can address both esthetic and functional aspects of tooth loss.

At your Ankeny, IA, dental practice, we provide restorative dentistry services in addition to your standard cleanings and examinations. This means correcting problems that occur due to injury or illness. If you have an emergency that knocks out one of your teeth, let us know right away. We can attempt to place your original tooth back in its socket or create a replacement when saving the original is not possible.

How Adults Lose Permanent Teeth

What factors contribute to tooth loss after childhood? By better understanding situations that lead to this condition, you can prevent additional loss in the future. Certain events can be completely unpredictable such as freak physical injuries or sporting events. When these happen, your dentist can help get your pain under control and provide recommendations on repairing the damage to your smile. Teeth also suffer from poor hygiene when we fail to brush and floss regularly. Plaque that builds on the surface of your smile can create decay so bad that repair with fillings or crowns is not possible. When this happens, we may suggest extracting a tooth to prevent the problem from spreading to other teeth.

However, the primary contributor to tooth loss among adults today is gum disease. When the body’s inflammatory process begins to destroy gum tissue after an infection, you lose the critical connection between your smile and jawbone. When treating missing teeth, we must get any active infection under control with periodontal maintenance to prevent future losses.

Designing Your Dental Bridge

By taking careful measurements of your smile, we can design a bridge to replace your lost tooth. Taking care of your prosthetic by attending regular checkups can ensure a complete smile for years to come.

Speak With Your Ankeny, IA, Dentist About Replacing Your Tooth

If you would like to learn more about this prosthetic option or any other we offer, please contact your Ankeny, IA, dentist’s office at (515) 207-6182 to schedule a visit.