Ankeny, IA, Composite Resin

Restoring Your Tooth With Composite Resin

If you chip one of your teeth or suspect you are experiencing tooth decay, visiting your dentist can help you relieve any pain and prevent the progression of damage. Although some injuries may seem minor or cosmetically insignificant, any harm that breaks the seal of your tooth’s outer layer can expose the inner portions to decay and infection. This means that failing to notify your dentist can cause cavities to take hold unnoticed until they grow large in scope. After removing a cavity, the hole in your tooth’s enamel remains, so we must place a restoration to return the enamel’s seal. Using composite resin, we can create a variety of treatments that boost the strength of your bite while blending in beautifully with your tooth’s natural shade. We use this material in dental bonding, fillings, crowns, and more! In addition to treating injuries, the ability to customize a restoration color helps us treat dental discoloration for teeth that do not respond well to professional whitening. By bonding instantly to your tooth, a dental filling or crown made of this material will not impede your chewing or speaking ability following treatment. You may return to work or school right away, and enjoy your favorite foods and drink.

At your Ankeny, IA, dental office, we encourage you to visit twice per year to receive a standard dental checkup. These routine meetings help us create a dental record that quickly identifies any sudden changes in your oral health. If we detect an injured or decaying tooth, we will suggest performing a repair right away. By discovering harm early, you can receive a more conservative treatment than waiting for damage to make itself known at a later date.

Placing Dental Fillings

The restoration we place for tooth decay depends upon the size and scope of your cavity. For the majority of situations, a dental filling can return the protective seal of your enamel and complement your tooth’s natural color. After removing decay from your tooth’s structure, we place composite resin material that bonds instantly in place. This prevents the tooth from becoming reinfected at a later date. Continue practicing rigorous hygiene to care for your smile following your treatment!

Placing A Dental Bond

A dental bonding procedure helps us build up material on a tooth that has worn down. This can bring your bite into proper alignment or restore teeth that have become chipped. By placing layers of composite resin, we can augment your existing structure until it receives a more uniform shape.

Speak To Your Ankeny, IA, Dentist About Repairing Your Problem Tooth

If you would like to learn more about how we fix teeth using composite resin or any other of the procedures we provide at our practice, please contact your Ankeny, IA, dentist’s office at (515) 207-6182 to schedule a visit.