Gum Health Ankeny IA

Your Gums Need Care, Too!

When you close your eyes and think about your smile, what do you envision? For most people, the first thing that they imagine is their teeth. But it is important to remember that your mouth is more than just this area, and your gum health plays a pivotal role in your ability to maintain your smile as you age. If you have started to notice a change in your gumline, take some time to talk to a trusted dental provider about ways to fight periodontal infection and inflammation.

At our helpful dental office in Ankeny, IA, you can take control of your oral health with dedicated periodontal services. This term refers to treatment centering around your gum tissue, and it can be beneficial in keeping your smile safe from tooth decay and even loss. In fact, the inflammation and infection of the gums is often identified at the leading cause of tooth loss, as plaque and tartar can start to build up at or below the gumline. Talk to our team about ways that you can boost your gum health!

Gum Disease Is A Common Occurrence Within American Mouths

Did you know that almost half of all adults in this country struggle with the health of their gums? Periodontal infection is highly prevalent within American smiles, yet still, some people hesitate to seek treatment for their condition. If you have been holding off on seeing a dentist for your gums, take this opportunity to learn how to fight this infection.

If you wait, your periodontal disease can become worse over time. This can lead to gum recession, which happens as your tissue starts to pull back from its normal location on the surface of your teeth. A pocket can form that protects bacterial growth, preventing you from brushing away the plaque that they produce.

Talk to Your Dentist About A Cleaning Below Your Gumline

When you start to see a shift in your gumline, it is time to talk to a dentist about ways to improve your periodontal health. This is often a sign that your oral hygiene is not doing the job, and you might need a little help in finding your way back to a healthy routine.

Our team can help you through a combined set of methods known as scaling and root planing. By cleaning at and below your gumline, you can have a fresher smile and relieved gums!

Care For Your Gums With Dental Impressions

If you have started to see a change in your gums, take some time to meet with your dentist to learn about your options. To learn more about scaling and root planing for periodontal disease, give us a call at Dental Impressions of Ankeny at (515)207-6182!