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Erase Those Stubborn Stains Professionally

When you want to see a brighter smile when you look in the mirror, make sure that you talk with your dentist about your options before you decide to make any changes. While there are many new over-the-counter products available at your local drugstore or supermarket, these do not take your personal health into account. They simply cannot give you the information that can come with an examination from a trusted dental provider, leaving you struggling with those stubborn stains and little to show for your efforts.

With our helpful dental team at Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, you can banish those blemishes from your smile with the assistance of a trained professional. We know that erasing stains from your smile can be a difficult task, especially when you are trying to do it all on your own. Stop by our office for a cleaning and examination, and together we can create a plan for improving your smile’s appearance. Before you try a supermarket whitening options, talk to our team about your possibilities in cosmetic teeth whitening from a source you can trust. Give us a call today!

When You Want To Remove Those Stubborn Stains, Meet With Your Dentist

Extrinsic enamel staining is one of the most common concerns that dentists encounter, but that does not mean that you can handle it all yourself. You want to know what is going on with your smile before you make any changes, and this means making an appointment with your oral health team for a semiannual dental checkup.

Your dentist can tell you if you have stains on your enamel, or if it is another concern, like the buildup of plaque and tartar. By scheduling a cleaning and examination before you whiten your teeth, you can better know the causes of your condition, as well as how to treat it.

Our Office Gives Our Patients A Choice In Their Cosmetic Care

Here in our office, we offer two distinct forms of cosmetic teeth whitening treatment, and each has their own advantages. For some patients, a quick visit to the office is a great way to freshen up before a big day like a wedding or a graduation. Others prefer the privacy and convenience of a simple at-home teeth whitening kit, and with this approach, you can banish those stubborn stains alongside your nightly oral health routine.

Schedule A Time To Talk With Dental Impressions In Ankeny

If you are ready to erase the stains from the surface of your enamel, talk to our team. To find out more about removing those stubborn stains, give us a call at Dental Impressions in Ankeny, IA, call us at (515) 965-0230.