Ankeny Dentist Explains Why You Shouldn’t Ignore an Ulcer

, Dr. Amanda Foust would like to shed some light on the symptoms of oral cancer so that you can stay vigilant in regards to your oral health.

Beware of These Oral Cancer Symptoms

Keep a lookout for ulcers. Many people believe these are a sign of stress or possibly disease. However, if ulcers do not heal in ten days, they could be cancerous lesions. Keep track of mouth sores: how long they last, and what they look like. Cancerous mouth sores are typically white and splotchy in color and do not heal easily. These ulcers can appear on the inside of your cheek, on your tongue or gums, on the roof of your mouth, or towards the back of your mouth. Any soft tissue is fair game.

Other Signs of Oral Cancer

Pay attention to these unusual changes. Have you lost your appetite and consequently dramatic weight for no particular reason? Is it difficult to swallow food or your own saliva? Have you noticed a change in your voice or the way your teeth fit together? All of these a symptoms of oral cancer. They may seem harmless, or even positive at first (if you are looking to lose weight) however, these can all be connected to a potentially life-threatening condition. Oral cancer can create lumps in your throat and damage your salivary glands. It can also cause changes in your bite because of gingival infection and teeth shifting.

Ankeny Oral Cancer Screenings

If you have noticed any of these symptoms of oral cancer, contact our to meticulously search your mouth for suspicious cells. For more information, call our Ankeny dentist, Dr. Foust at 515-965-0230. We serve patients from Elkhart, Bondurant, Alleman, Polk City, and the surrounding areas near Ankeny.