Children’s Dental Care in Ankeny, IA Part II

Children’s Preventive Dentistry Tips

Last month, our can protect teeth from decay and bacteria for up to ten years, and how fluoride treatments increase enamel strength. In this blog, we’ll offer tips for helping your child learn to brush, snacking habits to avoid, and more children’s dental health information.

How to Help Your Child Use a Toothbrush

Many of the same dental hygiene habits you have as an adult can apply to children, however, some routines need to be tweaked for smaller mouths. For instance, like adult toothbrushes, always choose a soft-bristled toothbrush for your child. Unlike adult toothbrushes, the tool needs to be small enough for your child to comfortably hold and use. You can opt for a toothbrush that features your child’s favorite cartoon character or movie star to entice them to brush more often. In fact, some toothbrushes play two-minute songs to help your child get used to timing their hygiene routine just right. Remember to brush in small circles, and possibly create a pattern of where to brush every thirty seconds so your kids can remember each tooth.

How to Prevent Tooth Decay from Sweets

Preventing cavities doesn’t stop with thorough oral hygiene. Healthy teeth also depend on healthy eating habits. While rationing sweets throughout the day may seem like a better option than letting your children go on a candy binge, this may actually be more harmful for their teeth. Reintroducing sugar into your mouth throughout the day creates a state of constant acid erosion, leaving your teeth susceptible to cavities for hours at a time. Instead, let them have all the sweets you will allow in one short period of time and then instruct them to brush at least one hour afterwards to .

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