Ankeny Family Dentist: Top 3 Healthy Fall Herbs, Spices

The smell of a cooked turkey can tantalize the senses and cause many a mouth to water. Herbs and spices add dazzling flavors and aromas to a plethora of dishes. As the fall season continues and the holidays approach, many people search for spices with added health benefits. Your Ankeny family dentist, Dr. Amanda Foust, discusses some of her favorite fall dishes and how to incorporate health-boosting spices into your diet this holiday season.

The Ankeny Cinnamon Challenge

Challenge yourself to incorporate more cinnamon this fall. Over 100 varieties of cinnamon exist, yet many people seem content purchasing a simple cinnamon-sugar blend from their local grocery store. Try shaving off a small amount of whole cinnamon onto toasted, whole-grain bread for a simple, tasty treat in the morning.

Cinnamon provides antioxidants which can fight aging and can even lower cholesterol. Additionally, research indicates that cinnamon can aid in reducing blood sugar. Do not attempt the ever-popular cinnamon challenge present in a vast number of online videos.

Try Turmeric for Better Health

Research indicates that the components of turmeric can protect against the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Turmeric contains curcumin, which can lower the risks for leukemia in childhood. This fall, you should try whipping up an Indian-inspired curry dish using turmeric. The flavors of the east will provide a hearty meal and added health benefits.

Very Rosemary

Nothing says “home-cooked” quite like an oven-roasted chicken; many people become intoxicated by the smell.  However, a rosemary chicken can provide numerous health benefits. Research indicates that rosemary stimulated blood flow to the brain. A recent study conducted by the Baylor School of Medicine focused on determining a link between blood flow and increased mental performance.

The study concluded that students whom regularly chewed gum scored higher on mathematics exams than other students. The study determined that the higher test scores corresponded to the students increased blood flow. To increase your health and performance this fall, oven-roast a chicken and leave your family delighted.

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