Ankeny Dentist: Protect Your Baby’s Smile

At Dental Impressions, your , Dr. Amanda Foust, realizes the importance of preventive dentistry for protecting your child’s teeth. By practicing good dental habits, parents can keep their little ones’ smiles healthy and bright. In today’s blog, Dr. Foust gives simple tips for maintaining your child’s dental health.


Do you know how soon you should bring your child in for a visit with Dr. Foust? After the arrival of the first baby tooth, parents should bring their children in for an appointment. This allows Dr. Foust to ensure teeth are coming in correctly, and let your little one meet our caring staff. These early visits allow your child to become accustomed to the dentist’s office, and often help ease dental anxiety. Typically, the next appointment is at age three.

Preventive Care

From the moment the first primary tooth erupts, parents should begin teaching their child good oral hygiene. Begin brushing their teeth using a wet cloth or gauze, and eventually move on to an age appropriate toothbrush. For fun, let your child pick out their own toothbrush with their favorite characters on it. Also, try brushing your teeth at the same time they do. Making the process fun helps maintaining good dental habits easier for your children, and you!

Baby Bottle Decay

Baby bottle decay, also known as bottle rot, is a common and serious dental issue. Bottle rot occurs when a young child experiences severe tooth decay. To prevent this problem, don’t let you child take a nap or go to sleep with a sippy cup or bottle. During sleep, harmful bacteria break down the sugars from the milk or juice. This process increases the levels of oral acid in your baby’s mouth. Oral acids weaken tooth enamel, and over time, leave teeth susceptible to cavities.

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Do you have questions or concerns regarding your children’s dental health? Dr. Foust is available to address your family’s dental care needs. Make an appointment by contacting Dental Impressions today. Calling (515) 965-0230 to schedule an appointment with your Ankeny children’s dentist.  Located in the 50021 area, we proudly serve patients from Ankeny, Polk City, Bondurant, Elkhart, Alleman, and all surrounding communities.