Q&A: Dental Hygiene For Sensitive Teeth

When you’re someone dealing with sensitive teeth, you may wonder if the problem has anything to do with your dental hygiene. Is your daily care contributing to the problem? If you were to change something, might you find that it greatly reduces your sensitivity? Since there’s a lot that goes into teeth that become sensitive, we would like to get you started with the basics with the help of a Q&A session. Then, of course, a visit to our practice can offer you the personalized attention your smile needs.

Questions and Answers

Question: A friend of mine told me that my dental hygiene can actually be the cause of my sensitive teeth. Is this possible?

Answer: This is true. If you are an aggressive, vigorous brusher, you’re damaging your smile. You might be scraping up your tooth’s outer layer (called enamel). Your gums may also be receding. Both issues can contribute to sensitive teeth. The solution? Brush gently.

Question: Is there anything I can do to make my teeth more comfortable right away?

Answer: Yes. Make sure your approach is very delicate. Also, consider using desensitizing toothpaste, so your dental nerves calm down.

Question: What types of things should I be careful of in the long run to make sure I’m not causing or aggravating my sensitive teeth?

Answer: In addition to careful dental hygiene, we encourage you to remember that drinking acidic drinks can lead to erosion, brushing with abrasive products can scrape teeth, and that bruxism can wear dental tissue down. Make good choices, come in for visits, and follow our suggestions, so you avoid such issues.

Find Out About Protecting Sensitive Teeth With Us

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