Allergy Time: What To Remember This Spring

What should you remember over winter, summer, spring, and fall? Well, each time of year brings with it something different that you can apply to your smile health. In winter, it turns into cold and flu season. Over the summer, you really need to be mindful of SPF (even on lips!). In the fall, you can suddenly be surprised by chapped lips and sugary drinks to contend with. Now, however, as we welcome spring, you have a different set of oral health issues to consider. Not to worry, it’s all about allergies, which are something you can treat.

Remember That Congestion Causes Pressure

Remember that any type of force you begin to feel against your teeth is often traceable right back to your allergies and is not necessarily a serious oral health concern. The feeling of a full head, full sinuses, heaviness, and more may make for some uncomfortable teeth. Treat allergy concerns and those unwelcome sensations will likely go away!

Remember That Congestion Interrupts Breathing

Don’t forget that when you want to sleep soundly, you need to breathe. If your breathing is disrupted, such as by snoring or sleep apnea, you make wake up throughout the night. Unfortunately, during the spring, allergies and congested airways can make problems like sleep apnea worse. Treat the issue, so you can focus on enjoying continuous breathing throughout the nighttime hours (and beyond).

Remember To Hydrate And Clean Your Smile

Remember this spring that you have to be absolutely certain to drink enough water to keep your smile hydrated. You become very vulnerable to dried out oral tissues when allergies are running high, so drinking enough water is essential for your oral health! Brush and floss, too, and schedule cleanings and checkups, so you’re right on track.

Avoid Allergy Side Effects By Protecting Your Smile

Schedule visits with our team when necessary, so we may assist you in avoiding problems like dry mouth that are associated with allergy congestion. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.