Dental Fillings: 3 Things To Keep Telling Yourself

We get it. You got home with the diagnosis of tooth decay and our suggestion for a dental filling and the only thing you want to tell yourself is, “Oh, it will be just fine. You can get the filling later.” However, as you know, that is the very last thing you should be telling yourself. You really do need the restorative treatment and soon, so you nip that tooth problem in the bud. Keep this in mind as you do your best to tell yourself a few very important things and you’ll soon develop a more optimistic outlook regarding fillings!

#1: I Need A Filling ASAP!

You don’t need a filling in a few weeks or months. You need that dental filling very soon. Why can’t it wait? Well, if the problem worsens too significantly, you may discover that instead of a filling, you suddenly require something more expensive, time-consuming, and intensive. Stick with the cost-effective, ever-convenient filling!

#2: A Filling Will Rescue My Tooth!

This isn’t something we suggest because it’s a fairly good idea. We suggest a dental filling to rescue the health of your tooth. It’s a very good idea! Remind yourself that every day you ignore the need for a filling, decay eats away more of your tooth and you’re that much closer to a tooth infection. Save your tooth!

#3: It Will Take Hardly Any Time

One of the main reasons we find that patients tend to put off the dental filling they need is the fact that it seems very inconvenient. The truth is, the whole experience is actually surprisingly convenient. As a matter of fact, it is quite similar to coming in for a dental checkup and cleaning. You’ll schedule your visit, you’ll come in, we will prep your tooth, perform the filling, and then you’ll go along on your merry way!

Get Your Filling Today For A Rescued Tooth!

Remember that when you show up for your filling, you stop the decay, and your tooth is safe and healthy again! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.