2 Times You Worry Seeing Us Isn’t An Option (But It Is)

When your smile is perfectly fine, you’re feeling good, and you don’t come in to see us, it’s likely because there’s some detail you need to ask us about but you’re too shy, you’re just not in the mood, or you struggle with dental anxiety (which we will be happy to help you with!). However, when there are other things going on that make you think you cannot come in to see us for dental care, that’s a totally different story. In any instance, we remind you that you are always welcome and encouraged. Let’s cover a couple times patients feel they shouldn’t bother calling, so you start to see no matter what, it’s a good time for a visit.

#1: You’re Pregnant!

If you’re pregnant, you may worry that it’s not a good idea to see a dentist. The truth is the very opposite. It’s extremely important that you see our team and keep up not only with your dental hygiene but also with your preventive visits with us! During this time, you are more susceptible to issues like gum disease because of your fluctuating hormones. Keep your smile and your body healthy and safe by scheduling dental care.

#2: When You Think Your Oral Health Is Too Bad

If you think your oral health is too bad, you may decide you’re just “beyond” what dental care can accomplish for you. What you’re overlooking is that the only way you’ll ever get a healthy smile is by starting with us. There is absolutely help on the horizon. What we cannot treat (if there’s anything too serious) we can help you figure out by referring you to a trusted specialist. Come in!

See Our Team Whenever You Need Care

Whether your smile is pristine or could use some serious help, come in for the dental care your grin truly needs! We can fill you in on all of the information you need. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.