What Bruxism Is Not!

You might have some trouble fully understanding bruxism disorder right off the bat. You hear things like “it’s when you grind your teeth” and wonder if that means occasionally moving them back and forth when you’re deep in thought is the same as bruxism. You wonder if the symptoms you think you have must be representative of something else because nobody’s told you that you grind or clench during the day. Let’s talk about some things that this oral health disorder is not and you may gain some additional clarity!

It’s Not An Every Now And Then Action

Bruxism disorder is not something that you do once a week or only when you’re extremely stressed. If you’re someone who can go through the entire month and point out a couple times when you clenched your teeth together or when you happened to grind your teeth, then you’re probably not suffering from a chronic problem. Bruxism is chronic, which means it’s happening on a daily or almost daily basis. However, if you have even the faintest hunch that you need treatment, come on in!

It’s Not Only Happening When You’re Awake

Bruxism disorder is not something that happens only during waking hours. You may brux when you are awake and when you’re asleep. Or, you might only brux when you’re sleeping. As you might imagine, this can make it hard to notice.

It’s Not Really Something You Can Figure Out

Bruxism disorder, as you’ve likely just sorted out, is very often not something you can figure out at home. You have two options! If you think that it might be affecting you, you can schedule a visit specifically for this reason. Or, we may figure it out for you when you’re in for your checkups (because we will look for it).

Receive Bruxism Treatment With Our Practice

If you are diagnosed with bruxism disorder, we offer treatment to help you return to a healthy smile. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.