Activated Charcoal Toothpaste: Yes Or No?

Could this be a safe and natural way to whiten teeth? Your Ankeny, IA family dentist replies with a resounding “No!” There are proven uses for activated charcoal. Under careful supervision it can be an antidote for accidental poisoning. Yet, activated charcoal is turning up in everything from eye makeup, to pore-cleansing masks to toothpaste. One major clue that activated charcoal toothpaste is not a good idea is the lack of the ADA Seal of Acceptance, indicating proven safe and effective products. What else makes this toothpaste a bad idea?

It Is Highly Abrasive To Teeth

While tooth enamel is highly resilient, it is not impervious to abrasion. The repeated use of activated charcoal toothpaste will thin the enamel layer, making it easier for decay to penetrate, and possibly causing increases in teeth sensitivity to sensations such as heat and cold. While some users report whiter teeth, it is at the cost of removing the protective enamel. Even a diet high in calcium and other necessary minerals cannot replace enamel that is consistency abraded by brushing with a harsh product.

It Is Hard on Your Gums

Your gums are even more tender than tooth enamel. An abrasive produce, such as activated charcoal toothpaste, used at the gum line is very likely to to cause gums to pull back. At this point, more of the sensitive teeth roots are exposed. A cycle of gum erosion and tooth pain can begin, and will only grow worse until the distressing brushing products are discontinued.

There Is Little Research on Effectiveness

Even if activated charcoal toothpaste were proven effective, tooth and gum damage would be a high price to pay. The fact that stories of success in whitening are primarily anecdotal, rather than scientifically measured, is a warning sign. There are currently no long term studies on the safety or effectiveness of activated charcoal toothpaste used to whiten teeth. The health of your teeth is too important to risk.

Better Whitening Options Exist

If your tooth color bothers you, there are proven safe and effective teeth whitening methods available through your dentist. Whether you choose take home trays, or in office whitening in about an hour, you will know that your are not sacrificing the integrity of your tooth enamel, and that there will always be a caring dentist and highly trained office staff to assist you with questions.

Don’t Damage Your Teeth with Harsh Toothpaste

Don’t take the risk of using activated charcoal toothpaste. To learn more about safe and proven effective whitening options, schedule a dental consultation in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.