Affordable Dental Care For Tiny Issues

What’s the problem that makes you grimace when you look in the mirror and smile? What is it that keeps you from feeling exceptional as you walk out the door? Is it a little tiny issue with your smile that’s got nothing to do with how well you care for it but everything to do with a cosmetic concern? Are you so ready to fix it but you’re working within a budget? If the answer is yes to everything, and when you think about it, you really just need some sort of replacement tissue or cover-up to make things better, you might want to talk with us about affordable dental bonding!

You Wish You Could Fix That Chip

Did you chip a tooth? When it’s not bad, it’s safe to leave it alone. However, it’s probably not something you’re very excited about other people seeing. Then again, you don’t want to go into debt trying to fix a tiny issue, so you feel conflicted. We encourage you to talk with us about affordable dental bonding! It’s something we can use to address just the chipped area and it’s quite budget-friendly.

You Don’t Like That Gap

Good news: If you’re worried about a gap between two teeth that’s not very big, you may be able to rely on affordable dental bonding to get the problem solved. True, if you are experiencing gapping because you have a malocclusion that requires attention with orthodontic care because it’s making things rough for your bite, then bonding might not be the answer (because cosmetic care isn’t enough). For small issues, though, bonding works!

Your Tooth Is Too Short

Got a short tooth? Wishing you didn’t have a small gap between your top and bottom teeth as a result? Talk dental bonding over with us to find out if it’s the right solution for you, since we may be able to rely on it to extend your tooth.

That One Stain Is Frustrating

“If only I could get rid of this one stain,” you might think to yourself. However, you don’t need teeth whitening or veneers. You just need a bit of stain removal. Any idea what we might suggest? You got it: Talk with us about affordable dental bonding for the win!

Fix Small Concerns With Affordable Bonding

Find out more regarding whether bonding will work for your smile when you meet with us to discuss cosmetic care! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.