Dental Implants: Come On In To Learn More

When you’re looking for dental implants in the Des Moines area, your search may be something that causes you to think to yourself: Where on earth do I begin? Who is going to do the surgery? Will I be able to visit my own dentist as I’m going along on this experience? We understand, of course, that choosing implants can feel like a huge deal! However, it doesn’t have to seem so major that you feel completely overwhelmed and inundated with the details. The wisest place to start is with us! We’ll provide you with the basics (and some more advanced details, too), so you can make sense of choosing implants and feel absolutely ecstatic about your choice!

First, We’ll Lay Out The Details

When you first come to us, we will explain everything! To get started, we can explain the jargon associated with implants, so you’re familiar with the different parts. Then, of course, we will talk with you about all of the details you need in order to make a decision you feel good about, such as:

  • Potential costs
  • Your options regarding implants and crowns versus restoring implants with a larger prosthetic like a bridge or denture
  • The timeline you can expect
  • Your current candidacy

Next, We’ll Refer You To A Trusted Surgeon

While we offer traditionally placed prosthetics and will also work with you once you’ve received your dental implants (the implants, remember, are the actual posts that sit in place of your roots), we are not going to place the posts. Instead, we will refer you to a trusted oral surgeon who will perform the surgical part of the dental implant treatment in the Des Moines area. This will ensure you enjoy beautiful, precise results!

After Recovery, We’ll Place Your Restoration

Once you have healed and your dental implants are ready to support the rest of your tooth replacement, you will visit our team again for the restoration. This means that we will attach the chosen prosthetic to replace your one or multiple teeth to the post or posts. Perhaps you have chosen a crown for one implant, crowns for multiple single implants, a bridge, partial, or denture. Whatever the case, the final result will include an extraordinarily stable, beautiful smile!

See Our Team For Lots Of Implant Knowledge

Want some serious education regarding dental implants as you consider them for yourself but you’re having trouble figuring out where to begin in the Des Moines area? No problem. We’d love to be your first and last stop! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.