I Need To Know More About Dental Bridges

If you are missing one or more teeth, chances are a dental bridge has crossed your mind. If you have not been attending regular checkups, it wouldn’t be surprising if you’ve done some research on the internet, clicked around a few websites, and maybe gotten opinions from family members or friends. The best place to learn about bridges is with an experienced dentist in Ankeny, IA. In this way, you will know your are getting trustworthy and accurate information.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A bridge is a prosthetic that fills the space when one or several adjacent teeth are missing. A traditional bridge is securely attached to teeth on each side of the gap, holding natural-looking replacement teeth in between. An implant bridge is secured by dental implants placed in the jawbone by an oral surgeon. Once the the implant posts have integrated with your jawbone, the restoration with replacement teeth is secured to the implant posts.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Bridge?

Bridge timetables will differ. For a traditional bridge, we take careful measurements to create the pontics (replacement teeth) to ensure they fit naturally and attractively in your smile. Once they are ready, you will return to have the crowns placed on the abutment teeth, and then your bridge can be put in place. Implant bridges are also a two-stage process. You will be referred to a trusted oral surgeon for implant placement. When the implant sites have healed, and the posts have fused to the bone (usually 4-6 months) the bridge can be attached.

Are Dental Bridges Expensive?

Dental bridges vary in cost. We can discuss your situation when you see us in consultation. Some dental insurances cover part or all of the cost of bridge, as it is a necessary part of restoring a smile. If you don’t have insurance, or there is expected to be a residual amount after insurance, our experienced dental office team can discuss financing options.

A Dental Bridge Can Restore A Smile

If you have missing teeth, a dental bridge may be the right solution for the health, function and attractiveness of your smile. Visit us for a consultation in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.