Best Dental Choices In Tough Situations

When you find yourself faced with something of a dilemma, your first thought is generally to figure out the optimal decision you can make for yourself that will make things better. When the “tough situation” you’re facing involves your oral health, you ask yourself, of course: What is the best dental choice I can make in this moment? While the answer is usually fairly obvious, your judgment can become clouded by your emotions. You may feel scared, embarrassed, uncertain, and more! So, why not run through a few situations and solutions with our Ankeny, IA team? You just might see a trend beginning to form!

When Something Really Hurts

When something hurts, there’s absolutely no better dental choice than to come in. Even if you take an over-the-counter pain reliever and feel a little bit better, schedule a visit with us ASAP anyway, so (just in case), we can fix any existing concern.

When You’re Embarrassed About Something

Trust us, we aren’t going to judge you! If you can think it up (or even if you can’t), we have probably heard it or seen it before. We know that to you, your problem may seem gross, embarrassing, or otherwise. However, all you have to remember is that our sole purpose in providing you with a place to come for oral health is: To protect your smile! So, come in. It’s the best dental choice you can make, even if you feel shy.

When You Saw Us A Long Time Ago (But Haven’t Been Back)

When you find yourself in a situation in which you saw us for a dental visit, we suggested a treatment (let’s say it was a dental filling) but then you never came in for that suggested treatment, you may end up in bit of a tough spot. You know you should have seen us. You don’t know what to expect at this point because perhaps your tooth is in dire need of something else like a crown. You know you should come in but you’re sort of worried that we’ll be upset. What’s the best dental choice you can make? Come in! We will not be upset, rude, or impatient. We will be kind, hospitable, and patient. There are all sorts of reasons patients don’t always follow up. The goal is: Let’s get your smile healthy again and go from there.

See Us For Whatever Type Of Dental Care You Need

Whether you need to ask questions, to fix something that you should have fixed a long time ago, or anything else, come in for dental care! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.