Dental Bonding: What Can We Do With It?

You know that dental bonding from our Ankeny, IA practice is a cosmetic dental treatment that’s available to make your smile look better. However, you might not have a very clear understanding of all that it can do for you or if it’s even something that you should consider for your smile. Is it going to let you feel better about your smile? Is it going to give you the types of improvements you need? What can we really do for you with a little color-matched composite, you wonder? Let’s run through the details! They may be more impressive than you imagined.

We Can Fix These Things

There are lots of things we can fix with dental bonding. Don’t believe that it’s really a long list? Check out the ways we can rely on the placement and sculpting of composite to address smile concerns:

  • We can cover stains
  • We can cover a discolored tooth, so it matches other teeth
  • We can fix a chip
  • We can lengthen a tooth that’s a little shorter than those around it
  • We can fill in a gap, so side-by-side teeth appear to touch one another
  • We can address concerns with tooth shape
  • We can camouflage problems like craze lines

Fixing Issues Can Help You Feel Happy

Of course, one of the reasons you can access cosmetic care from our team is the fact that we want you to not only enjoy excellent oral health but also want you to feel happy about your appearance!

Addressing Problems Can Help You Feel Physically Better, Too

If you tell us during a checkup that you keep cutting your tongue on your tooth, that food keeps getting stuck between your teeth, or other problems, then we may suggest dental bonding to help the physical aspect of your smile. Nobody wants to deal with teeth that cause pain or discomfort. Nobody wants to face frustrating dental hygiene on a daily basis either! Remember that in addition to helping your smile look lovely, you can also help your smile feel better in some cases simply by addressing little concerns with bonding.

Fix Problems With Bonding At Our Practice!

Need help from our team when it comes to your smile? Just let us know what you’d like to fix and we will be happy to help. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.