Tips: Scheduling Visits When You Just Don’t Want To

You need to see our Ankeny, IA team for dental care. This you know. However, you also know that there’s just something lately about picking up the phone and setting up a dental visit that isn’t sitting well with you. You just don’t want to do it! In most cases, we find that this isn’t just a general sense of disinterest that comes over our patients. Instead, there’s something beneath the surface that’s causing some amount of discomfort at the thought of a cleaning, exam, or otherwise! Let us help you sort it all out, so you remember that coming in is pleasant and will put a smile on your face.

Schedule It When The Weather Is Nice

Do you usually schedule your dental visits around June and then again in December? This works for many people! However, if you discover that the idea of heading out of your house when it’s hot or heading out when it’s quite cold just doesn’t suit you, then switch things up! Remember, as long as we see you every six months, you’re doing right by your smile. Come in during the spring and fall instead.

Consider The Consequences (Weigh The Pros And Cons)

You may have forgotten just how important your dental care is! It’s not that you aren’t really interested. It’s that somehow, you have decided you might not really need it. Consider why our team thinks it’s just so significant for you to come in:

  • If it’s for preventive care, then remember: If you’re not seeing us for cleanings and for exams, too, you’re ignoring plaque and tartar that’s building up and you may be overlooking oral health issues that can become big problems when neglected (but, of course, we can treat them!).
  • If it’s for restorative care, don’t forget that when you ignore a problem that needs a dental visit ASAP, it becomes worse, bigger, it spreads, and it will require more time, money, and effort to fix.

Talk To Us: We’re Here For You!

We often discover that patients want to ask us something but they haven’t. Since they lack important information, they don’t feel comfortable coming in for a dental visit. Ask us! That way, we can address anything on your mind and you can feel wonderful about your efforts in professional dental care.

Let Us Help You Gain A Positive Outlook Toward Dental Care

If you find that you know you should schedule care but you don’t want to do it, we can help you sort out your feelings and concerns as you adopt a new attitude! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.