When You Learn We Make Conservative Treatment Choices: 3 Reasons To Smile

One of the things you will learn about our Ankeny, IA practice as you discover more about us is the fact that we make conservative treatment choices for our patients. What are we saying, really, when we make this statement, you wonder? Here’s a quick translation: We suggest only what you absolutely need and what protects the life of your teeth. While this might sound reassuring and nice, of course, we think you may benefit from taking a deeper glance into reasons this can really make you smile!

#1: You’ll Spend Less Money

One of the major benefits of becoming a patient of a practice that make conservative treatment choices is that you will be able to rest easy regarding finances. You will spend less money than if you were to visit a practice with a more liberal approach to dental care. If you don’t need a dental crown but a filling will do, then we will suggest the filling. If you sort of want veneers but you can rely on the more budget-friendly dental bonding, we will suggest bonding. Of course, we will always be happy to discuss our recommendations but you’ll know that our primary concern is suggesting only what you require.

#2: You Won’t Wonder, Do I Really Need This?

You won’t have to ask yourself if the treatment we have suggested for you is something you actually need. As mentioned, we won’t say, “Well, you might not need it but we might as well go ahead and…” Practicing dental care by making conservative treatment choices means that you can relax.

#3: You’ll Know We’re Preserving Your Smile

Now, let’s talk about what it really means for your oral tissues for us to practice conservative treatment suggestions: One of the goals is for us to remove as little of your natural tissue as possible, so you have an intact smile for many years to come. For instance, when we fill a tooth with a filling rather than crowning it, you continue to use your natural tooth. When we save a tooth with a dental crown rather than extracting the tooth, we save your tooth.

See Us For Care That Protects Your Smile

Remember to schedule the care that your smile requires in order to remain protected, so your oral health continues. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.