Wine: A Potentially Shocking Q&A Session!

You know that wine isn’t necessarily good for your smile and your oral health. However, you’re not entirely sure what makes it dangerous. Of course, you have seen that exceptionally purplish tinge that red wine gives your teeth when you’ve enjoyed a glass but beyond that, you’re not certain about whether it’s really a significant concern for your smile, its appearance, etc. To help you out with the mystery of this much beloved beverage and how it affects your teeth, our Ankeny, IA team is happy to walk you through a Q&A session that will help you learn more about smile protection and accessing cosmetic dentistry in Ankeny when you find yourself in need!

Questions and Answers

Question: Will red wine eventually stain my teeth if I’m drinking it nightly? Or, since my smile looks fine after I brush my teeth, should I assume that my smile is going to stay bright white forever?

Answer: Over time, even if you’re brushing as we instruct you to, you will likely still see some amount of staining. Remember, between the time you drink that glass of wine and actually brush, there are pigments just sitting on your smile. When you swish or sip down some water, it helps immensely. For everything else, there’s our cosmetic dentistry!

Question: I have heard that white wine can stain my smile, too, but this has never made any sense to me. It’s practically clear, so how could drinking it end up causing discoloration that might cause me to need cosmetic dentistry in Ankeny?

Answer: The white wine itself doesn’t stain. It paves the way for other foods and drinks to stain your teeth through acid erosion. This wine is quite acidic, so if you’re someone who drinks it frequently, remember that it is continually dissolving your enamel, making teeth more vulnerable to stains.

Question: So, if wine has the potential to erode my dental tissue because it’s so acidic, does that mean it’s absolutely terrible for my oral health? What can I do to limit the chance that it is going to cause serious problems?

Answer: Take a note from our team: It doesn’t mean you cannot still enjoy your wine! It just means you are going to want to be extra thoughtful about the aforementioned water drinking and about brushing once you’re through (give it about 30 minutes before your brushing session and after drinking water). If you notice stains, remember we offer cosmetic dentistry in Ankeny!

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