Family Dental Questions You Should Feel Confident Asking!

Do you have family dental care questions but you aren’t sure how to get the answers you need? We know that you might want to follow your temptation to seek out answers by typing them into an online search engine or talking to the virtual assistant technology on your phone. However, we think there’s a much better way: Asking our Livonia, MI dental team, of course! Remember, the plan when we care for your smile and your family’s smiles is to help you and to keep tissues safe, so when a question arises, we’d really love to help!

Question: How Often Should I Schedule Care?

One of the more common questions we receive when they’re about family dental care includes: How often should I schedule care for myself? For my children? We know that the frequency of care is something that comes up because you want to do an exceptional job and protecting everyone’s smile health! So, you simply ask and we will tell you! In most cases, the answer for every member of the family will be every six months. However, there are occasional cases when more frequent care may be necessary (such as if you’re experiencing periodontal problems).

Question: Why Does My Child Need Such-And-Such?

Maybe we have suggested a fluoride treatment or dental sealants for your kiddo. Perhaps we have recommended a crown or filling. Remember: We are more than happy for you to ask us about the treatments we suggest for your family dental care. We know you may have doubts, may simply want to better understand what’s going on, and more. Let us know! If we have not already explained something (or you want a refresher), we’d love to help!

Question: Can You Show Us How To (Do That) Again?

As mentioned, just because we have already gone over something with you doesn’t mean that you don’t get to ask about it again! Do you need our team to re-explain how to brush correctly? Would you like us to show you the best approach for flossing? Please ask! Our family dental care team is on your side and wants nothing more than for you and your oral health to succeed!

Get Your Family Dentistry Questions Answered From Us!

Our team is full of helpful advice for you and your family, so caring for your smiles proves to be quite easy. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.