Preventive Dental Care: Tips From Your Ankeny Dentist

Are you missing anything when it comes to your preventive dental care in Ankeny? Are you sure? If you’re shaking your head from side to side because you know that you brush and floss and you’re no stranger to our practice, we ask you to think again: Are you sure you’re not missing a detail here or there? Perhaps you’re seeing us but you’re not really seeing us as frequently as you should be! To make sure you’ve got your smile protected in the best ways possible, our Ankeny, IA team thinks you might want to check out a quick review. Remember, every little detail counts! Fortunately, they’re easy to remember and just as easy to put into practice, as you keep your oral health safe.

Check The Details Of Your Products

Our team wants you to think about the fact that your products are often just as important as your technique, timing, and more when it comes to your preventive dental care in Ankeny! You might be brushing and flossing the correct amount of times every day but let’s say your toothpaste and brush are highly abrasive! You’ll be going through the motions as you accidentally irritate your gums and scrape your teeth. Remember:

  • Products with ADA acceptance are a good idea
  • All products should be non-abrasive
  • Your toothpaste should contain fluoride
  • Your brush must have soft bristles
  • Your floss should be easy to use!

Check Your Calendar

Take time to take a look at your calendar, your schedule, your day planner, or however else you manage your time and appointments. As you do, remember that in order to keep your smile healthy with the help of preventive dental care in Ankeny, you are going to want to receive a dental cleaning and a checkup from our team every six months! Plan it out in advance and you’ll always be up to date on professional care.

Keep Your Kids’ Smiles Safe, Too

Don’t forget that when part of your family’s prevention includes kiddos, they need care, too! We offer pediatric preventive dental care in Ankeny that’s specifically crafted to address the needs of your children. Call us up and set up a time and date for us to see your son or daughter soon!

Keep Your Smile Safe With Exceptional Prevention

Get all of the details you need from us regarding preventive care at home and with our team, so you know your smile is super safe. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.