Your Local Dentist Explains: Types Of Prosthetic Support

Are you not too thrilled with your smile at the current moment because you don’t have all of your teeth? We know that tooth loss is certainly not an experience that makes you smile. The good news? When you visit your local dentist to learn more about your extremely varied and wonderful list of solutions that will replace the teeth you no longer have, your frown will quickly turn into a smile (which will soon be a complete smile). Find out more from our Ankeny, IA team by beginning at the very beginning: Learn more about types of support!

Your Gums Provide Support

In the case of a patient who chooses to receive traditional full dentures for tooth replacement (for a complete arch of missing teeth), remember that this is going to mean that gum tissue is offering the support. This is considered “traditional” support because the device will rely on your own tissues. When it comes to partial dentures, which replace some but not all teeth on an arch, the device relies both on support from gum and palate tissue, as well as your remaining teeth.

Your Remaining Natural Teeth Provide Support

As mentioned, partials rely in part on support from your teeth. When you’re considering a dental bridge, this is another type of prosthetic device that will rely solely on your natural teeth, explains your local dentist. What you need to recognize here is that this is another device that receives “traditional” support, which comes completely from the teeth sitting on each side of the open area where your missing teeth previously resided. If these teeth (called anchor or abutment teeth) are healthy, then a bridge is possible. If they are not healthy, you may need to consider implant support (Hint: Keep reading!).

Your Jawbone And Implants Provide Support

Now, let’s talk about support that you can receive from your jawbone and dental implants. Remember, the other solutions out there receive “traditional” support, which means your mouth’s tissues are responsible. When you decide you want to replace missing roots with implants, they will become fused with your jaw. Then, your jaw and the implants support the restoration of your choice, whether it’s a crown, bridge, or denture. See your local dentist soon to discover even more!

Talk With Us About Prosthetic Solutions For Your Missing Teeth

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