Family Dentistry During The Holidays: Important Tidbits!

Family dentistry is something that is probably on your mind, in your planner, and more throughout most of the year. However, most of the year is not filled with several consecutive holidays, replete with things to do, parties to plan, invites to consider, gifts to purchase and wrap, decorations to pull out of the attic, and more! We know that you probably have a lot on your plate. However, our Ankeny, IA team offers a gentle reminder to consider giving us a call before the holiday frenzy is underway!

It Shouldn’t Take A Backseat To Other Things

We know that decorating the tree, buying presents, making travel plans, and more quickly become a major priority in your household. Your kids are finishing up their work, projects, and may be taking finals for school! You are doing your best to schedule everything and keep it all on track. One of the last things on your mind, as a result, might be your family dentistry. However, we’d like to remind you that you really should make a list, put dental care on there, and work your way down a quick oral health checklist. If there’s anything that’s pressing, take care of it! Otherwise, surprise tooth pain or something else related to a family member’s smile may suddenly interrupt your otherwise carefully planned festivities!

The Year Is Wrapping Up

You want to be able to celebrate the fun holidays that come at the end of the year, of course, without having to rush through it to welcome in the New Year. That will come in time, as it always does! While we certainly don’t want to take away your “living in the moment” attitude, we do want you to remember that the year is wrapping up. The same may be true for your dental insurance benefits. So, our team encourages you to consider benefits, your family dentistry, and what you need to consider for 2018, so you make use of those benefits before we’re into the next year and you didn’t use your coverage! Have questions for us? Please call! Questions about your benefits? Remember to contact your insurance company’s customer service line and you’ll know just what to do.

See Us For Family Dental Care In 2018

Remember that as the holidays approach, it means it’s time to set up the family dentistry you need for the current calendar year! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.