Rinsing: 3 Things You May Be Completely Overlooking

When you visit our female dentist in Ankeny, IA, you will find that we are absolutely full of helpful tips that can assist you in prolonging your oral health, keeping your smile looking lovely, and more. While you may expect some sort of hints you’ve never even considered before, you will often find that some of the suggestions you receive are very simple details that are right under your nose! For instance, do you rinse your smile frequently with water? On a daily basis? After every snack, followed 30 minutes later by brushing? If not, it may most certainly be time to get started (and we’re pleased to explain why).

#1: Rinsing Helps Dislodge Stuck Food

Your female dentist reminds you that when you’re eating, food frequently becomes stuck between teeth or in other crevices of the mouth. As you know, whether it’s a bit of oregano stuck between your front two teeth or some chicken that’s lodged between back teeth, this type of thing can really cause you some frustration. You may feel embarrassed by your appearance or simply annoyed as you attempt to dislodge the food. When you rinse with water, the motion and the moisture help to lubricate your smile and push food particles from wherever they are resting. The result? It can often help your smile look and feel much better.

#2: Rinsing Helps Prevent Stains

One thing that patients ask us quite frequently is how to avoid stains. Of course, you know you have cosmetic care on your side, should you ever need a fix for discoloration. In the meantime, what you want is to avoid the development of yellowing. One very easy way to do this? Rinse with water after you eat or drink, especially if you’re eating or drinking something that is full of pigmented particles. How do you know? Well, if it can stain a white napkin, it can stain your teeth (think red wine, berries, mustard, etc.). Rinsing removes staining particles, so your smile is much safer.

#3: Rinsing Helps You Avoid Hygiene-Related Problems

Your female dentist reminds you that rinsing your smile is very powerful when you’re not near your dental hygiene products but you’ve just eaten something. It’s powerful when you’re just sitting around, too. Why? It does the following:

  • Rinses bacteria away
  • Helps neutralize your mouth’s pH
  • Removes food particles (that bacteria like to eat, which can cause problems)

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