Important Knowledge: Protect Your Dental Implant!

Are you sure about what it’s going to take to protect dental implants, should you choose them for your smile? Do you know how to protect those that are already in place? When it comes to keeping these root-replacements safe (and their restorations, too), you might not really feel certain about what’s required. Should you handle them extremely delicately or can you eat the foods you usually enjoy with natural teeth? Do you really need to brush them, even though they’re not real teeth? Our Ankeny, IA team is pleased to clear up such confusion for you!

Protect Your Gum Health

If you want to protect your dental implant, then you need to protect your gum health. Remember that when you receive an implant, it’s surrounded not only by jaw tissue but also by your gum tissue. You need all of your oral tissues to remain well in order to successfully support the implant that resides within them. So, what to do about your periodontal health? Protecting it (and your implant) simply requires you to care for your gum tissue. You already know just how to do this! You brush your teeth (you do this twice daily). You floss your smile (this happens once daily). You never miss out on a dental cleaning with us (that’s just twice each year). It’s so simple.

Practice Caution Identical For Natural Teeth

You aren’t going to have to avoid eating anything that you love, assuming it’s something that you know is safe for your natural teeth. Keep in mind that if it’s safe for your oral health when you have your natural teeth, then it’s safe for your smile when you have dental implants and restorations. The things to look out for? Anything that could crack a tooth or restoration, that places lots of pressure on TMJs (and your implant posts), and anything that makes your smile highly vulnerable to decay or gum disease (foods that become stuck).

When In Doubt, Ask Us!

Are you completely on-board with protecting your dental implant but you still find a question pops up from time to time? No problem. Even if it’s something you’ve asked about before, just let our team know, so we may offer reminders or reassurance!

Ask Our Team For Help With Implant Protection

When you’re concerned about treating your dental implants mindfully, feel free to ask us for our advice! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.