3 Things You Should Be Able To Say When Getting In Bed

Our Ankeny, IA team always reminds you to practice your dental hygiene both in the morning and then in the evening. However, we’re not always incredibly specific about when in the evening or what should (or shouldn’t) happen between your second brushing and flossing session for the day and bedtime. The truth is, though, it’s actually extremely important that there are some things you can say with absolute certainty once you’re all cozy under the blankets and you’re ready to conk out for the night! As a result, you’ll know you’re doing your best.

#1: I Brushed My Teeth!

Our team tells you to brush your teeth in the morning and before bed. So, if you’re climbing into bed for the night and you cannot announce, “I brushed my teeth tonight!” then you’re going to need to get back up before you go to sleep! Brushing before you go to sleep is an extremely significant part of your complete dental hygiene and your complete preventive dental care. When you follow through on your twice-a-day brushing, you ensure that your smile is as clean as can be, so you’re avoiding problems like gingivitis and tooth decay.

#2: I Haven’t Had (And Won’t Have) Food Or Drink Since Brushing!

After you complete your dental hygiene for the evening, you can only reap its benefits if you choose not to eat or drink anything else until morning (except for water, of course, which is perfectly okay). If you can announce this once you’re in bed, then you’re doing a wonderful job!

#3: I Flossed Today!

Another very important part of your smile protection that ensures you’re keeping your teeth and gums safe and clean (and that we will remind you about during each and every checkup): Flossing! Of course, you just have to do this one time each day. So, when you get into bed, it doesn’t matter whether you just flossed or if you flossed that morning. The important thing is that you can say, “I flossed today!” because it means you’ve successfully completed that particular part of your dental hygiene!

Protect Your Smile With On-Target Dental Hygiene

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