In Honor Of Halloween: 2 Things Adults Should Remember

Maybe you’re a little embarrassed to admit that though you’re an adult, you still get extremely excited about this time of year. Dressing up, eating candy, enjoying the theme of Halloween, and more puts a smile on your face! There’s nothing to be ashamed of! Having fun is certainly something we can applaud. However, one of the reasons you may shy away from talking about this is the fact that you are well aware your Halloween interest may not be something that necessarily helps your smile stay healthy. Of course, our Ankeny, IA team would love to hear that you go sugar-free every holiday but what’d like even more is to hear that you know how to enjoy yourself and keep your smile health safe, too! For now, let your local dentist offer tips to guide you.

Tip 1: Chew That Sugarless Gum!

If you’re noticing that everywhere you look, you see candy and you’re starting to think you can even smell candy from about a mile away, we understand. Every single one of our patients is inundated with sweets in one way or another this time of year, so you’re not alone. However, if you want to enjoy something to satisfy your sweet tooth but gobbling down every piece of candy you come across isn’t what you really want to do, you may feel torn. We encourage you to remember that when the craving shows up, it may be time to pop a stick of sugarless gum into your mouth. It happens to be quite sweet and to offer some wonderful protection against oral health problems. Your local dentist reminds you that it can help you avoid decay and the need for fillings because it removes plaque and debris.

Tip 2: Just Remember Extra Rinsing And Hygiene

Maybe you do want to indulge in every piece of chocolate that comes your way, in addition to every other type of candy imaginable. Okay! It’s just one day, so it can’t hurt, right? Actually, your local dentist reminds you that even one day of a free-for-all when it comes to sugar can be quite detrimental to your oral health. That is, unless you’re being quite smart about it. What can you do when you don’t want to worry but you do want to indulge? Remember that the following is always true:

  • You should rinse your mouth with water after you eat the candy (every time)
  • You should try to plan “candy time” so you’re not eating it throughout the day without pause
  • You should brush your smile if you have the time (after you rinse your mouth out, give yourself about a half hour, then brush those sugars from your smile!)

Enjoy A Halloween That’s Safe For Your Smile

Don’t forget to enjoy your holiday time but to keep your smile safe with our tips, too! We can fill you in on all of the information you need. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.