Your Local Dentist Talks: Floss Facts

Yawn! Sigh. Isn’t there something else we can talk about, you ask, other than dental floss? You know you need to use it, sure, but what could you possibly have to learn that you don’t already know? Well, you might be surprised by some of the details our Ankeny, IA team has to offer. So, before you decide you have probably already mastered the art of all-things-related-to-floss, let our local dentist provide some shocking insight!

You Shouldn’t Ever Reuse It

Floss is one of those things you just don’t want to reuse. Its main purpose is to remove bacteria, as well as old food pieces, from your smile. While you cannot necessarily see these things so clearly if you look at your strand of floss, trust us when we say that the bacteria are certainly present. Since the goal is to remove bacteria and decomposing matter from your smile during dental hygiene sessions, your local dentist reminds you: Throw it out when you’re through! Use a fresh piece of floss each and every time.

You Need To Use Enough Each Time

You might think that you need just enough floss to get between your teeth. However, if you use one tiny little bit of floss for your whole smile, you won’t be doing a very good job of getting the bacteria out of your mouth. You’ll probably just end up moving it around. You will also find that flossing with a minuscule segment is very difficult and will make flossing take a very long time (if you can even manage to grip it). Use enough. How much, you ask? Your local dentist explains that the general rule of thumb is 18 inches (give or take, of course).

You Should Not Feel Negatively Toward It

If you feel like every time you smell your dental floss, feel it in your mouth, taste it, etc., you want to run in the other direction, we have one suggestion: Go buy something new. There are lots of different options out there! There’s no use using something unless you enjoy it.

Make Flossing Easier And More Effective With Our Help

Feeling like you need a little guidance from your local dentist when it comes to the flossing portion of your dental hygiene experience? Wonderful! Call us soon. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.