You’ve Just Got To See Us For…

There are different reasons to come in for smile care with us! In some cases, it’s because you come up with something that you want, such as teeth whitening. However, when we are talking about the things you need to come in for, you may find that you don’t feel quite as much motivation to set up the appointment and get yourself into our dental chair. What are some reasons you’ve simply got to see us for a dental checkup, you wonder? Are you overlooking anything? Let our Ankeny, IA team help you feel more prepared, so you know you’re receiving care when you need it.

Pre-Holiday Help

You’ve gotta do it. We know you might not want to do it. However, if you’re recognizing a possible issue that’s going to maybe make the holiday hard for you (like tooth discomfort or you think part of your filling came out), then come in for a dental checkup.

Your Usual Preventive Care

You’ve always got to follow this one. It’s all about your preventive dental care! If you’re fuzzy on the facts, then do allow us to enlighten you! Prevention with our team (that is, the stuff you rely on in addition to your home care) includes a dental checkup and a dental cleaning two times a year, spaced six months apart.

New Symptoms

If a new symptom shows up, you’ve simply got to come on in! Could it be absolutely nothing at all? Of course, and if so, we will explain and send you home. However, could it be something that requires preventive or restorative care? Of course! See us no matter what for a dental checkup just to be sure.

Damage You Can Feel

Is your dental crown practically hanging by a thread in your mouth? Well, then: It’s time for a dental checkup! We need to take a look at any type of damage that you can feel because it means your bite’s balance is probably off, you may be vulnerable to additional problems, and you will be far better off with your oral health in good shape. See us soon!

We Welcome You To Schedule A Visit!

When you think that you might need a visit or you are certain it’s time for a checkup, we are here to take your call! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.