Your Local Dentist’s Explanation Of Surprising Smile Stains!

So, you brush your teeth two times a day. You floss it, too. You know that you’re doing what we have told you that you need to do at home to ensure your smile is healthy, that it remains clean and beautiful, but you still end up with a grin that’s discolored instead of brilliant! What is the problem, you ask yourself? Are you doing something wrong? We know that this can be a frustrating situation in which to find yourself, which is why your Ankeny, IA team would very much like to help you figure out what might be happening, how to find out for sure, and what you can do about it (such as teeth whitening)!

It Could Be Medication

When you’re seeing stains that you cannot explain because you’re taking absolutely exceptional care of your smile, there’s an important question to ask yourself: Are you taking any medication that might be causing it? Remember that certain meds (like tetracycline) are often responsible for smile stains, which can leave you wanting teeth whitening. So, if there’s anything you take on a regular basis, take a quick look at the side effects.

It’s Often Just A Part Of Living!

It’s not necessarily what you want to hear but if you have a smile that could be whiter, it might just be that you’ve been living your life! You cannot avoid all staining culprits all the time. Even with excellent care, you may still deal with some amount of dimming. Fortunately, teeth whitening can fix that right up.

You Might Be Thinning Your Enamel

You may not realize that you’re doing things to cause your enamel to wear down. When this outer tissue layer erodes, it lets more of your yellow dentin shine through. The result? You think that you have smile stains and need teeth whitening. Remember, drinking acidic beverages, brushing too hard, and more can yield such a problem. Come in for help!

You Still Need Professional Cleanings

You might assume that you’re doing such a great job with your dental hygiene that professional dental cleanings are a waste. They’re not! One reason your smile doesn’t look at white and bright as you’d like may be because you’re only taking care of part of your preventive care. See us, so we can remove tartar and plaque!

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