VHS Conversion Class

What’s that you have in those boxes that you rarely look at but that you’d really like to do something about? Is it your collection of VHS tapes that include your favorite movies, home videos, and more? If you’ve been wondering (possibly for many years) what to do with them, now that you don’t even own a VHS machine anymore, we think the upcoming VHS Conversion Class in our Ankeny, IA community might help.

What Is This?

It’s what you’ve been hoping for! Show up for this VHS Conversion Class, during which our library’s Technology Librarian will be providing you with the steps and education you need in order to change your VHS tapes over into digital format for your viewing pleasure!

When Is It?

You may attend this class on November 8th, 2018 from 2pm to 4pm.

Where Is It?

As mentioned, you will be attending this exciting class at the Hatch Makerspace at our Kirkendall Public Library. The address is 1210 NW Prairie Ridge Dr., Ankeny, IA 50021.

Do I Need To Register?

Yes! There is only a small amount of space for this class, so you will need to register ahead of time by calling 515-965-6460.

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