Crowns: Cosmetic Care, Coverage, And Questions

As you know, dental crowns are one of the restorative treatments that we offer our patients when they are in need of help with saving a damaged or unhealthy tooth! You may also know that we offer very beautiful crowns crafted from porcelain or zirconia and that sometimes, a crown may be suggested for cosmetic improvement. While you’ve got the basics down quite well, you may not really understand everything you’d like to know about crowns, such as when a crown is used or for which purpose. Our Ankeny, IA team thinks it’s a good idea for you to gain a bit more education for the time being and to remember to gain further, more personalized details the next time we see you for a visit!

When Crowns Provide Cosmetic Improvement

Sometimes, the only reason you need a porcelain dental crown or zirconia crown (or more than one of them) is to help your smile look better. You may not realize it but cosmetic dentistry won’t always cut it when esthetic problems become very severe. For instance, if you have a tooth with deep and very apparent staining, a veneer might not camouflage the issue. Bonding may not be what you want. Perhaps the tooth is also somewhat weak. A crown can offer exceptional coverage and a beautiful, fully customized finish, for excellent results.

Why You May Need To Cover Your Tooth To Restore It

Sometimes, you just need a dental filling to fix a problem. However, this isn’t the only restorative treatment you may ever need, even if you have a cavity. Remember: Teeth that have incurred too much damage, teeth that have widespread or severe decay, those teeth that must undergo root canal treatment, and more, are often too vulnerable to be left as they are. Instead, the placement of a dental crown protects them, while renewing the structure you need for function. Your tooth will be safe, look healthy, and work for you again!

When You Have Additional Crown Questions

If you still have questions about dental crowns and how they may work for your smile care needs, then we want you to remember that we love answering your questions! The more knowledge we can provide for you, the easier it becomes for you to feel optimistic about smile care!

Come In For Dental Crowns To Save Your Smile

Whether you are in need of intensive cosmetic improvement or you require help with restoring your oral health (or both), remember that our team provides beautiful dental crowns to suit your needs. Visit us for an appointment in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.