Finding Your Happy Place When You Need A Filling

Our Ankeny, IA team is well aware that the first thing you might not necessarily feel when you learn it’s time for a dental filling is pure joy. However, we remind all patients, from those who are sort-of-okay with dental care to those who experience some amount of dental anxiety the same thing: Fillings are extremely beneficial for your oral health and it is absolutely possible to find your “happy place” in regard to needing one. How to do so? Generally speaking, the best thing to do is to focus on those aforementioned advantages that they provide for you (and the fact that they’re truly no biggie!).

Remember: You’re Fixing The Problem

When you need a dental filling and you come in to receive it, you’re actually letting us completely fix the problem. We encourage you to remember this detail if you’re trying to find your happy place in regard to your outlook on restorative care. Don’t forget that you don’t just have a hole in your tooth. You have a progressive oral illness that will result in damaged tissue, a larger cavity over time, and further issues.

Remember: You’re Preventing Lots Of Severe Side Effects!

Yes, about that happy place: Another way to feel optimistic about your dental filling with our team? Realizing that when you move ahead with your filling, you are stopping the progression of decay in its tracks, which means you won’t soon end up needing a dental crown, to fix an infection, to deal with serious pain, or any other severe side effects. Instead, you’ll just go home with a healthy tooth. It’s the better option!

Remember: It’s Easy, Quick, And Comfortable

Above all else, if you are concerned with actually receiving your dental filling, our team reminds you: The process is an easy one. It’s a quick one. It’s comfortable, too. Did we mention that it’s efficient? Regardless of what you’ve ever heard or imagined about fillings, all you need to remember is that the process is pretty forgettable because it’s really an easy, comfortable visit.

Choose A Filling With Us When You Have A Cavity

When you discover you are suffering from tooth decay, we urge you to confidently schedule a dental filling with our friendly team, so you can quickly eradicate that cavity and return to your oral health. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.