3 Minor Annoyances You Should Not Ignore

Sometimes, something going on with your smile is a little bit annoying. Maybe it’s something you cannot quite figure out how to handle. Maybe it’s a symptom that’s sort of frustrating but not enough to cause serious alarm. Whatever this little issue is, our Ankeny, IA team wants you to remember that it is usually best to let us know about annoyances, concerns, and more when they are still little. Why? Well, because it often allows us to offer you treatment that will stop them from becoming very big smile health issues! Consider telling examples.

#1: A Feeling That You’ve Been Chewing During Sleep

Do you feel like you were chewing all night? Maybe your jaw feels tired or tight, especially in the morning. Perhaps you notice that it’s almost as though you were chewing on the sides of your tongue while you were sleeping. You may even notice that your soft cheek tissue is a bit torn up. When this happens, we encourage you to call us up, to set up a checkup, and to come in to mention these sensations and symptoms. This may be nothing. Or, it may point to the very treatable bruxism disorder, which is bad for your smile health. Why? Well, because it means you’re chronically grinding or clenching your teeth, which can lead to lots of damage and even TMJ disorder.

#2: Brushing Or Flossing Is Bothersome

There’s something about your brushing or flossing you don’t like very much but you figure you should just ignore it. Again, it’s essential to your smile health that you successfully complete these dental hygiene practices, so if you notice any type of annoyance involved with them, tell us! Maybe your flossing feels too difficult to do every day or it hurts. Maybe your brushing doesn’t seem to be working or you feel you’re doing something wrong. Come on in! Figuring it out before the issue yields consequences is best!

#3: Your Mouth Feels…Different

What’s different? Does your tooth hurt? Does your mouth feel dry? Are you recognizing that there’s something that “isn’t right” but that’s about as far as you can seem to go when it comes to articulating the details? When your sixth sense kicks in and tells you that you need some help for your smile health, you shouldn’t ignore it. Instead, rely on your intuition when you hear those figurative alarm bells going off in your head and give our team a call!

See Us For Help With Best Smile Care Practices

Since the goal is keeping your smile health on track and in excellent condition, we remind you that the best way you can deal with sudden concerns that pop up is to let us know! We can then offer the help you need. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.