3 Reasons You Can’t Get By Without Checkups

If someone from our Ankeny, IA team asked you if you should get dental checkups twice a year, you would likely say, “Yes! Of course!” However, do you know why you actually cannot get by without them? Are you aware of the fact that they do a lot for your oral health? When you are good at sticking to the suggestions we set forth for you but you realize you aren’t entirely sure about why you’re following them, we will always be happy to explain! Today, let’s cover some explanations in regard to checkups and their exceptional value and significance!

#1: They Include Your Ever-Essential Cleanings, Too

One of those details you need to remember is that when you’re coming in every six months to receive your dental checkups, we are thoroughly examining every last detail associated with your oral healthand we are cleaning your teeth! So, we’re making sure that everything is okay. If it’s not, we’re suggested the care you need. We are also getting your teeth into exceptionally clean shape again, after a bit of tartar has formed (this happens no matter how hard you try, so don’t worry!).

#2: You Don’t Have The Ability To X-Ray Your Smile

Did we mention that we thoroughly examine your smile during dental checkups? Yep. While you can look at your teeth and gums, too, you cannot take digital X-rays like we can. You probably don’t know what to look for either! This is one very important reason for you to come in. We can help you detect issues very early, so protecting your smile remains easy.

#3: Symptoms Are Confusing (If They Bother To Show Up)

Is something wrong with your smile … or is it perfectly healthy, you wonder? Unfortunately, you cannot go without dental checkups because even if you rely on symptoms or the lack of symptoms for answers, you will still not be able to figure things out. Here’s why: Symptoms that do show up can mean lots of different things (or may mean very little). Then, there’s the fact that you can have an oral health problem but symptoms just never develop. You cannot rely on their presence or absence. What you can rely on is the fact that when you see us for visits, we have the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to thoroughly examine your smile, so we can tell you how things are going! Come in soon, so you don’t accidentally miss an issue that needs care.

Schedule Your Checkups Consistently

Don’t miss out on even one dental checkup if your goal is to maintain your smile health. You need to see us two times each year, that’s six months apart, for your preventive dental visits for optimal care. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.