Don’t Let Decay Get The Best Of You

When you’re down and out about your tooth decay that we discovered during your last visit, you may find that having a cavity is really making you feel bad! This, of course, is not something our Ankeny, IA team wants! Instead, we want you to realize that everything is going to be just fine, that it’s to your benefit to fix your oral health by addressing the issue, and that you can even keep such issues from occurring again in the future! For now, learn more about why you don’t have to let decay get the best of you (and why you really shouldn’t!).

Don’t Feel Sad: We Can Fix It

We get it. You didn’t want to hear that you have a cavity. You wanted us to tell you that you’re still in the no-cavity club, that everything is A-OK, and that we will see you in six months for your next checkup! Of course, we still will want to see you for your next checkup soon but in the meantime, you’re going to need a filling. What’s that, you ask? That’s right, we offer beautiful, natural-looking, tooth-colored dental fillings that will fix the decay. You won’t have any more discomfort, your tooth will look good as new, and the problem will be gone. All that will be left is a healthy smile and a need to possibly get a little bit better at prevention!

Don’t Worry: You Can Learn To Prevent Them

If one of the problems is that you haven’t been doing a wonderful job with your oral health care and now you have a cavity, we remind you: Once you learn about making your care your priority and how to do so effectively and efficiently, you can stop decay from happening. In short, it’s all about twice-a-day brushing, once-a-day flossing, and twice-a-year checkups and cleanings. See? It’s very simple. For details, come on in!

Don’t Fret: They Happen To Most People

Another reason you really shouldn’t let tooth decay get the best of you? The fact that it happens to most people at some point or another. So, if the sensation that it’s just you out there in the world, dealing with a cavity and getting a filling, think again!

Don’t Wait: It Can Get Worse!

Don’t let decay seriously damage your tooth either! Seek the restorative care you need now, so you protect the life of your smile.

Become Better At Preventing Decay

When you learn more about how to better protect yourself against tooth decay, you will realize that preventive dental care is a breeze and is highly effective. Come see our team soon for the information you need! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.