My Tooth Shape Is Weird! Can I Change It?

Depending on the patient, a concern that one’s tooth shape is “weird” can mean so many things! It might mean that you think your teeth are far too long for a beautiful smile. You may think that the general contour is off and wish you could change them to look more rectangular, less triangular, etc. Or, you may have concerns about a smile with teeth you may lovingly refer to as stumpy or short! Fortunately, our Ankeny, IA team is pleased to announce that regardless of the particular way you are displeased, the general answer will always be the same: Cosmetic dentistry is here to help! Now, for the details.

We Can Add Tissue

If your tooth shape is not to your liking, remember to begin at the beginning for those of you who think you could use more tissue. Our first cosmetic dentistry treatment on the list to discuss is dental bonding. It’s a way we add what appears to be more tissue to make improvements. The process is quick and lovely! Just like the composite used for tooth-colored fillings (the shade of which we can customize), we use the same material for bonding. It’s used to fill gaps, lengthen teeth, etc.

We Can Also Subtract Tissue

We can also, of course, take some tissue away when you need it! Cosmetic dentistry is all about helping you achieve the esthetic results you want, while protecting your oral health, so realize that contouring lets you remove just a little tiny bit of tissue where necessary. For instance, it can help with a sharp point, a strange shape, or a very long tooth.

Yes, We Can Both Add And Subtract Tissue

Of course, keep in mind that the cosmetic dentistry treatments dental bonding and contouring can be used together in order to more thoroughly customize the shape of your tooth, adding more here and taking a bit away there.

We Can Overhaul The Details All At Once

Have lots of concerns with the shape of your teeth? Worried, too, about gaps between teeth, about texture, about finding a way to whiten your smile, and more? Sometimes, the direct approach is using porcelain veneers, which can quickly and beautifully make over your smile. See us soon to learn more!

Perfect Your Smile By Improving Tooth Shape

When you’re not pleased with the shape and size of your teeth, contact us. Our team offers comprehensive cosmetic dentistry in the form of dental bonding, dental contouring, and veneers to make your smile lovely. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.