3 Things To Consider: About Your Tongue!

There are some things you should really consider when it comes to your tongue. However, since you probably spend the majority of your energy ensuring you’re doing your best to keep your teeth in the most exceptional shape possible (as you strive to protect your gum tissue from inflammation), your tongue may become an afterthought. Fortunately, you’ve got our trusty Ankeny, IA team on your side to help you remain informed about all aspects of your smile health, so you’re on track for success!

#1: A Dirty Tongue Is Very Smelly

Come on in for a visit with us if you’re dealing with bad breath and we might tell you that it’s got a lot to do with your tongue! If you’re brushing your tongue every day or you’re using a tongue scraper, then this probably isn’t going to happen. However, if you aren’t including your tongue tissue in your dental hygiene, it can become the primary cause of bad breath. Keep this smile health factor in mind, so you can really clean your mouth and promote nice breath!

#2: A Chewed-Looking Tongue Is Telling You Something

If your tongue is looking more and more like it has been chewed on, then this means you’re chewing on it in most cases. You might not remember chewing on it, which is what makes this symptom even more shocking to you! Here’s what’s probably happening: You are suffering from bruxism. This is a chronic issue that causes you to grind or clench your teeth. Whether you do it during the day or during sleep, if your tongue is in the way, it’s going to become a bit battered. See us for bruxism treatment to stop this smile health concern!

#3: It’s Natural For Your Tongue To “Have A Mind Of Its Own”

Your brain is quite investigative. When something changes with your body, it is natural for you to find yourself on high alert. So, don’t be surprised or too frustrated when you have a toothache, chipped tooth, etc., and it seems like even though you’re trying to leave the area alone, you seem to keep touching it with your tongue. You can certainly do your best to remain mindful of ignoring the area but if you realize that you’re having a little trouble doing so, don’t feel bad. Just set up a visit to see us soon, so we can fix whatever is going on with your smile health!

Gain New Knowledge During Visits

Whether you need to learn more about your tongue, you’re not sure what’s wrong with your smile, or you just need a checkup, don’t hesitate to call us. We are here for checkups any time you need us! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.