The Other Stuff That’s Happening To Your Mouth

There are those run of the mill things that may happen to your mouth that seem like regular old problems. You have a toothache. You chip a tooth. You’re accustomed to these issue being a possible part of life, so when they occur, you know that you should call us. However, then there are those other smile health things with which you aren’t really sure what to do. Should you call our Ankeny, IA team, you wonder? First, remember that you should always let us know when you need help! For now, let’s talk about some examples.

You Have A Canker Sore

It’s not a cavity or an infected tooth or a scrape! Nope. It’s a canker sore and it is surprisingly uncomfortable! You know that it is this particular type of smile health issue because you recognize it from the serious discomfort, the yellowish or whitish center, and the red ring around the border. What to do, you wonder? Well, usually if you leave it alone and keep your mouth clean, it will go away. If not, call us up!

You Accidentally Scorched Your Tissue

Did you promise yourself again that you were going to blow on your meal for a while or let your coffee cool but instead, you dove right in? Now, here you are with a scorched mouth and it doesn’t feel very good. Fortunately, you’ll probably be A-OK. Run cold water over your tissues right away if you can to help limit inflammation and discomfort. Then, keep up a regimen of salt water rinsing a few times a day. You should heal right up. (Skip any foods considered “hot” either by spice or temperature until you feel better).

You Bit Your Tongue, Cheek, Etc.

Again, keep your smile health on track by letting the area heal, by continuing your dental hygiene, and by swishing with salt water. Unless things worsen and you need a checkup with us, you should see steady healing.

A Chip Got Jammed Between Your Teeth

This can hurt! If you cannot get the chip out or you are quite concerned about possible damage, call us up. If you think you are the first person to call with such a concern, you are not! It is better to be safe than sorry by scheduling a quick checkup.

A Popcorn Shell Sliver Slipped Beneath Your Gum

Unless you can retrieve it with floss or brushing, come in! Leaving a foreign body beneath your gum tissue is actually quite dangerous for your smile health and we will be happy to help!

See Us For Any And All Smile Issues!

When you need help with your oral health, remember that we are here for everything minor and major and all things in between. Call our team up just as soon as possible when you require professional care! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.