3 Ways To Feel Better About Tooth Loss

You might not be feeling too happy about your tooth loss at the moment. This is understandable, of course, as suddenly being at a loss of one or more of your teeth is not something that makes life easy or that helps you feel good about your smile! While our Ankeny, IA team certainly feels for you, we also offer you a handful of some very logical ways to begin feeling better about things … immediately! Take time to look at your experience through new eyes and you’ll be smiling (a complete smile) in no time!

#1: Put It Behind You

We remind you that part of dealing with disappointment in terms of dental care is letting go of negative emotions and refocusing your energy onto motivating yourself and following through on treatments! Remember, even when the issue is tooth loss, there’s more than just hope: There are tooth replacements that will completely rebuild your smile, so you have a full set of teeth again! When you come in to see us, you’ll immediately begin feeling so much better about things.

#2: Learn About Your Treatment Options

The idea of tooth replacement solutions for your tooth loss may seem like a fantasy until you actually learn about each one! Come in to find out more, so you can better get to know about things like dental bridges, implants, and what will work for you!

#3: Fix Whatever Caused It

For some, a simple accident may have led to tooth loss, which means all you can do is hope you’re not in the wrong place at the wrong time in the future! However, if you ended up losing a tooth or multiple teeth as the result of something you do have control over, then we remind you that you can easily begin feeling much better about tooth loss (and moving on from it) by reminding yourself of the following:

First, we can fix it and replace your missing teeth. Next, this certainly doesn’t need to happen again! All you have to do is ensure you’re putting forth effort to avoid the cause. Maybe you need to brush and floss better and become more serious about prevention. Perhaps you need to remember to schedule fillings and the like right away! Perhaps it’s time you start wearing an athletic mouthguard to prevent problems. Whatever the details, they’re completely within your control!

See Us For Help With Tooth Loss

Let those bad feelings go and say hello to feeling much better about things, when you’re dealing with tooth loss. We remind you to schedule a visit with our team, so we may help you choose a replacement option you love. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.