National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day 2019

There’s a lot going on during the week of April 21st! Easter celebrations come to a close and we welcome Earth Day on Monday! If you’ve got some plans in the making for taking special time to honor the environment or to clean up, we are happy to announce an event that will help: It’s the National Prescription Drug Take-Back Day! Don’t forget!

About This Event

It’s springtime and Earth Day is around the corner, which means you might be doing lots of cleaning, lots of thinking about protecting the environment as you do so, and you’re probably getting the hang of it! However, there may be one thing you cannot quite figure out: What are you supposed to do at the end of your spring cleaning with old, outdated, or unused prescription medication? Of course, dumping them somewhere that will cause them to enter the environment is bad news! Fortunately, National Prescription Take-Back Day is your answer. Bring them to a local drop-off for safe disposal!

Where To Bring Medication

You may bring your prescription medication that you would like to remove from your home to the Ankeny North Hy-Vee, which you can find at:

410 North Ankeny Blvd
Ankeny, IA 50023

Invite List

This is for the whole community!

When To Drop Off Medication

You are invited to stop by the drop-off on April 27th, 2019 from 10am to 2pm.

More Info

If you’d like to ask questions about this take-back day, you may call 515-965-6400.

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