Cavity Talk: Things You’re Forgetting

There are a few things you might be forgetting about in terms of cavities. This includes both preventing those cavities and dealing with them, should they arrive. While our Ankeny, IA team would love, of course, for you to avoid tooth decay completely, we also want to offer you a realistic outlook! So, let’s talk about what you can pay closer attention to as you do your best to prevent (or overcome) this oral health concern!

You’re Forgetting: You Can’t Skip Steps

One of the things that may help you is to remember that you cannot skip steps if you’re doing what you can to prevent tooth decay. If you skip even one tiny step, it may leave enough plaque behind for a long enough time for it to become tartar. The result? The bacteria within these substances can lead to a cavity. So, check in with yourself to be sure you’re brushing and flossing exactly as suggested and as frequently! Need help? Just ask.

You’re Forgetting: You Need Cleanings

You are forgetting that you require dental cleanings! If you don’t come in to see us every six months, as we recommend, then you are leaving tartar on your smile that you cannot remove. Even trace amounts (which just about everyone develops between visits) can result in tooth decay. We remind you to do your absolute best to keep up with this part of your dental care, even if you’re doing a stellar job at home.

You’re Forgetting: Cavities Are Very Common

You might be forgetting that cavities are very common. Even though you’re doing your best to prevent them and you don’t really want to deal with tooth decay, if it happens to you, it’s not a unique situation. It doesn’t necessarily mean you’re doing a bad job either! Fortunately, we can help you pinpoint any issues that are preventing you from keeping your smile healthy.

You’re Forgetting: Getting One Doesn’t Guarantee Another

You may feel extremely upset because you’re worried that once you get a cavity, it means more tooth decay is soon to follow. This isn’t how cavities work. Just because you have one doesn’t mean you ever have to get one again! It just means that it’s time to speak with our team about how to improve your preventive care. Easy.

Treat Your Smile Well For Cavity Protection

Remember that avoiding cavities is all about keeping your mouth as clean as you can. So, schedule the dental checkups and cleanings that you need with us as frequently as necessary for optimal care. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.