Seemingly Small Problems: Big Consequences

When you have any type of oral health problem that you realize may require dental care, one of your first ways of handling it may be to determine whether you think it’s a big deal or a not so big deal. Once you determine that you’re experiencing a seemingly small issue, you may give yourself some extra room to just ignore the issue for a while and to set up a dental visit once you feel like it’s absolutely necessary. Today, our Ankeny, IA team reminds you that just about every smile-related issue affecting you requires immediate care. Learn a bit more!

When Bruxism Affects You

Just a little bit of grinding and clenching, you think to yourself? Who cares? The truth is, when you just find out you have bruxism disorder, it may seem like an oral health issue that can’t do much. Sure it might sound weird other people and maybe it will cause a little erosion but is it really a problem? Actually, over time, bruxism can cause serious erosion. It can cause fractured teeth that break. It can encourage TMJ disorder to develop, too. What you don’t want is damaged jaw joints and eventual tooth loss. What you do want? To treat the concern with bruxism treatment, so it goes away!

That Sleep Apnea Issue

Sleep apnea is another one of those issues that just seems like a minor disturbance to many patients at first glance. You know that there’s a lot of snoring involved, even though you’re not the one hearing it. You also know that you’re getting a little more tired each day. What is easily overlooked, however, is that this is actual a serious health concern. Getting treatment, though, will allow you to stop depriving your brain of oxygen while you sleep, so you can keep your whole body healthy (rather than dealing with serious issues down the road).

Ignoring A Cavity

A cavity! Doesn’t almost everybody get cavities, you might think to yourself? Since they do, you figure you have lots of time to just do your usual thing before it’s time to worry and come in for a dental filling. While you don’t have to stress about it, we do suggest you seek care for this oral health issue sooner than later. Depending on the size and severity of the decay problem, it can quickly lead to serious damage, infection, and even the loss of your tooth. That is, unless you treat it!

Address Oral Health Problems ASAP

Rather than ignoring oral health problems because you feel like they’re not that big of a deal, we encourage you to consider all smile issues to be equally significant. That way, you’ll easily maintain a healthy smile. Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.