Smile Dangers: Categories To Remember

Of course, our Ankeny, IA team could rattle off a list of things that are dangerous for your smile and this could probably go on for quite some time. As a result, you may think to yourself that wow there are a lot of scary things out there! The truth is, though there may be lots of possible damage culprits in terms of your smile health, it’s actually quite simple to avoid them. When you have some categories in mind, you can stop worrying so much about memorizing each and every possible hazard and instead, more easily determine whether something is safe (or possibly not so safe) for your grin.

Foods That Are Difficult To Eat

Not really that interested in cracking a tooth and needing a crown (or possible an extraction) as the result of serious damage? Didn’t think so! We remind you that when you’re going about your daily life, making a decision to either eat something that’s very challenging for your smile or to walk away from it is huge! Getting used to turning down very hard, too-crunchy, too-chewy foods, etc., is going to help you protect your smile health more than you realize. Keep it up!

Situations With A High Chance Of Impact

Though you may already realize this if you’re quite active in sports, we remind all patients to consider situations on a case by case basis. If you’re sitting at work at your desk, no problem. If you’re at home watching TV or cooking dinner, no biggie. However, if you’re on rollerblades, you’re working out, you’re playing soccer with friends, or you’re doing anything in which your chance of an impact to your mouth has just dramatically increased, remember: Be careful and, when you can, wear a protective mouthguard. This will help you avoid smile health related injuries.

Asking Too Much Of Your Smile

Again, unless you really want to see just how much you can ask of your smile before you need restorative care due to a broken tooth, etc., and you’d like to do it the hard way, we suggest being mindful of your choices. This is very easy! First, remind yourself of what your smile is meant for (namely, eating and verbal communication and breathing). Then, remember that using it as a tool or an extra hand/arm is not to your advantage!

Keep Your Smile Protected

Take our tips seriously when you want to do your best to protect your smile! When you’re dedicated both to preventive dental care and to making mindful choices on behalf of your smile, it’s easy! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.