Sports Drinks: Important Smile Factors To Consider

How often would you say you’re consuming sports drinks? If you have one every now and then, you will likely make it through the experience unscathed! However, if you are like many individuals who drink them frequently because you’re active frequently (or if your children love them because they’re brightly colored and delicious), then our Ankeny, IA team has some explaining to do! Learn more about these beverages and keeping your oral health safe.

Sure, They Work!

Yes, it’s true that sports drinks are often packed with ingredients that are there to help replenish your energy and your hydration. You lose electrolytes as you perspire, so replacing them quickly makes sense. Plus, when you need to gulp down some liquid energy to keep your moisture levels in check, your mineral count in check, and you could use some refreshing, it’s nice to drink something that tastes amazing! However, we remind you that the drawbacks in terms of your oral health may have you second guessing this choice.

What’s Wrong With Them?

We know: Just one more thing you thought was amazing for you and now you’re learning sports drinks are risky for your oral health. Remember, we’re not saying you must avoid them like the plague! However, we do want you to remember that these beverages are extremely acidic, they are full of sugar, and they are frequently dyed a smile-staining vibrant hue. This means that drinking them regularly can encourage the erosion of your enamel, they can promote the development of cavities, and as mentioned, they may discolor your teeth! If you’re going to drink them, sip with caution. For best results, follow them with water or at least remember to rinse once you’re through!

Water Is Usually Just Fine

If you’re doing some serious working out (as in, you’re keeping that heart rate up for over an hour or more), you’re sweating profusely, etc., then of course, being mindful to replace the quick moisture loss and electrolyte depletion you have experienced is something you can address with a sports drink. However, for your usual athletic and exercise experiences, water is going to do just what you want it to do and without any of the oral health drawbacks. Instead, it will benefit your smile, so you can gulp it down with reckless abandon, as you keep your body and your teeth and gums nice and safe!

See Us For Nutritional Questions

When you have questions about the foods and drinks you’re consuming and the role they play in your oral health, we remind you to feel free to bring questions to us. We are always here to help with your smile care! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.