Allergies: 3 Shocking Oral Health Consequences!

You already know that when allergies show up and impact your daily life, they bring some uncomfortable side effects with them. What you may not have realized just yet is that some of those issues can actually include problems with your smile! Who knew that in addition to having to tote around tissues, deal with sneezing, water eyes, and congestion, headaches, and more, that you’d also need to worry about your oral health? The good news? Our Ankeny, IA team can explain the connection and reminds you that finding an allergy solution that works for you will help make everything better!

#1: Leading You Toward Tooth Decay

You may not put two and two together at first but we remind you that if you’re dealing with serious seasonal allergies that are leaving you with a stuffy nose, then you might be breathing through your mouth. When you breathe this way, it becomes much drier in your mouth as contact with air tends to dry up your saliva. Over time, this can lead to dry mouth. Unfortunately, dry mouth as a chronic issue can cause tooth decay and even bad breath! The moral of the story is: Address allergies and when you need some extra assistance with your oral health, come in!

#2: Making Sleep Apnea Worse!

If you thought you couldn’t breathe well throughout the night due to sleep apnea, then you’re really going to be unhappy with your breathing once seasonal allergies hit! With that said, remember: There are lots and lots of ways to treat allergies, so don’t take this too seriously. Instead, remember to keep up with your sleep apnea treatment with us and to do your best to maintain uncongested airways! You’ll be just fine.

#3: Your Antihistamine Is Causing Problems

You may wonder why you have dry mouth, even though you have been treating your allergies and you can breathe through your nose with ease! Remember: If you’re treating your allergy issue with antihistamines, then this may be the culprit! We know you’re doing your best to keep airways open, so your oral health stays the course but in this case, in addition to the fact that the medicine itself can be the cause of becoming sleepy and forgetting to brush occasionally, there’s more! It can cause you to end up with dry oral tissues, and the side effects common to dry mouth (yucky breath, cavities…). Our suggestion? See us soon! We can help you figure it all out.

Address Allergies To Keep Your Smile Protected

Protect your smile by remembering to keep your airways open! When allergies strike, it’s time to ensure you’re up-to-date on your preventive care at home and with us and to remember to treat your congestion ASAP! Visit us for a dental checkup in Ankeny, IA by contacting Dental Impressions to schedule a visit at (515) 965-0230.